Welcome Folder

Welcome to our web site! Park River is a very progressive city with a lot to offer. Our school system is the best, our hospital is state-of-the-art, and Polar Communications is one of the most aggressive communication companies in the country. These are just a few businesses our city has to offer.


Our motto is “Park River, The Town with a Heart” and I truly believe this. The people are friendly and if you need help with something, there is always someone willing to lend a helping hand.


Most of our economy is agriculture based but we do have many other businesses that deal with the technology sector and healthcare. There are three physicians, a physician’s assistant, a nurse practitioner, three dentists, two optometrists, several visiting specialists and five veterinarians.


There have been many comments made about how beautiful our city is. We take a lot of pride in this. In the winter months, the streets are always clean of snow, in the spring, summer and fall, the city maintenance crews keep the streets clean and the grass is always mowed in the parks and vacant lots.


Like to play? Our golf course is one of the best in the state. Our swimming pool complex consists of three pools for your summer fun. We have just about 3 miles of paved bike paths to use, starting on the east side of Park River and going west all the way to Homme Dam. Walsh County has done an excellent job of making Homme Dam a beautiful place for camping, fishing, swimming and boating.


Looking for an old-fashioned 4th of July celebration?  Bring your family and help us celebrate—see you then!


Dan Stenvold, Mayor