Renaissance Zone
The Park River City Council approved the expansion of the Park River Renaissance Zone. The expansion consists of 11 additional blocks to the current Renaissance Zone. The Renaissance Zone Committee is appointed by Mayor Dan Stenvold, committee members include Kyle Halvorson, Kirk Ham, Tracy Laaveg, Gary Paulson, Steve Rehovsky, Ernie Slominski, Cheryl Welch. The original zone created in 2011 targeted the commercial and business district primarily to encourage rehabilitation of existing businesses, as well as new building projects for current and new businesses. The residential dwellings in the original plan were older homes that could benefit from remodeling and updating. The expansion includes residential areas in Park River that the committee determined would benefit from renovations. The Renaissance Zone will allow the owners to use the tax incentives offered by updating the exterior of the homes.

For more information contact Nancy at the Park River City Office 701.284.6150

(Properties that may benefit from improvements.)